At The Copy Shop, we pride ourselves in providing...
"More Than Copies. Project Solutions."

Our list of product services includes:


    pad picture
  • Padding – gummed gluing of any and all products along the top or side edge—from prescription pads to reservation sheets.

Drilling or Punching

  • Drilling or Punching – as many holes as you want—from 1 hole for a corner ring-bind to 8 holes for an 8-ring notebook

Binding Types

  • 220px-Comb bindingComb Binding – also known as GBC binding, plastic comb binding, or spiral comb binding is one of many ways to bind pages together into a book. This method uses round plastic spines with 19 rings (for US Letter size) and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes.

  • Double Wire-O Binding – is one of the most popular commercial book binding methods and is known by a number of different names including twin loop wire, Wire-o, double loop wire, double-o, ring wire and wire bind. With this binding method, users insert their punched pages onto a "C" shaped spine and then use a wire closer to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.